"I’m running to provide genuine representation to the community of Central Ward, representation that is not beholden to the interests of corporate donors.
I need you to join with me as together we can win!"

About Me

My name is Trina Massey, I’m a successful arts industry manager, DJ and your Queensland Greens candidate for Central Ward for the upcoming Brisbane City Council election. 

I’ve lived and worked in Central Ward most of my adult life. I love it here. It’s a vibrant and important cultural and business hub with a strong, connected community.

But I’ve also seen the struggles of the day-time economy in Fortitude Valley. I’ve seen renters priced out of their New Farm homes and overdevelopment in Teneriffe. I’ve seen the Council and State Government give away public land to private interests in our CBD. For years the major parties have favoured large corporations and donors over Central Ward’s small businesses and residents. On the other side of the river, in Gabba Ward, Jonathan Sri and the Greens have given residents a real voice, improving livability and holding developers to account.

I think it’s time the people of Central Ward had genuine representation too.

Throughout my career I've worked with people to deliver great arts programs, learning how to form working relationships, overcome obstacles and build consensus. I know that truly democratic decision-making is the only way to achieve good outcomes for communities, and if I am elected I will hold the Council to this standard. I am running to be the voice for our neighbourhood; a voice committed to putting the community ahead of corporate interests.

We’re poised for a Greens victory in Central, with the results of the last Federal Election putting us well in the contest with the LNP, it's going to come down to only a few hundred votes. So every one is vital.

This is the best shot we have ever had. Together we will do this!